According to You: The Best Part About Fatherhood

October 27, 2016


I love social media. It has allowed me to connect with amazing dads all over the world, to see the wonderful examples of putting your kids first, to celebrate fatherhood in ways I never could have without it. I reached out to you all and asked "What its he best part about being a dad?" The responses were so insightful and uplifting I wanted to memorialize them here in the hopes of inspiring you all to continue to find the joy in fatherhood. 


  • Waking up everyday to see his face.

  • The smile she has every time I see her.

  • The way he looks at me when I come home from a long day at work. Or when he's just about to fall asleep and he reaches for my face.

  • Helping to grow a cool little person.

  • The bond, love and friendship.

  • Coming home after a [poopy] day at work and seeing your little ones get all excited because daddy is home.

  • When they want daddy over mommy and you can boast about it in your wifes/mother of your child's face (without letting the kids see of course)

  • Knowing that I'm doing my part to bring a gentleman into this world.

  • The privilege of seeing him explore, question and find joy in the amazing world around him...that and cuddle-club.

  • Getting in from work & feeling like a rock star!

  • Getting woken up with a kick to the face, following by my daughters laugh and smile... Can't even be mad at that.

  • Knowing your always going to be someone's hero.

  • Getting home from work and having two kids just run at you like crazy people ready to attack you with hugs!! Never gets old haha!

  • When I'm picking her up at her moms place after the weekend and she runs towards me and gives me a hug and a kiss.. no better moment for me then a hug from my little queen!

  • Eating your child's food after you are done with your own.

  • All of it!

  • Her smile and her laugh. Seeing the world thru her eyes, working every day to prepare her for life & our evening routine of saying prayers and singing to her before she goes to sleep.

  • Woke up with my daughter's legs on my back 😆.

  • Singing her songs and look her when she is playing, smiling and enjoy her childhood.

  • My kids never question if I'm telling them the truth.

  • Mine are older now so it's when they pay for dinner! 😆

  • Making my 17 month old son laugh making fart noises.

  • The unconditional love I receive. Watching his new accomplishments and how proud it makes me feel.

  • "I love you daddy!"

  • My two still young and live with their mother. We share custody now. So just having them with me is a blessing. Everything else is icing on the cake. Being daddy is awesome!

  • When they have a proud moment they can't wait to share with you!

  • Loving your child and your child loving you!

  • Our first three are 20, 18, and 16. We really missed the early stages of the kids so now we have a 3 and a 2 year old. Seriously. "BLINK" and they are grown. There is no such thing as Terrible twos and Threenagers if you make them your world.

  • The hugs, kisses, excitement and the shout of "DADDY" when I've only been gone for 5 minutes.

  • Just having my daughter around makes me want to be a better person. She is my biggest motivation. The best part is I get to grow along with her!

  • That look on her face when she figures out something new. The way she can have a room full of complete strangers attention and brighten their days as much as mine!

  • When I get home from work.. for those 1st 10 seconds, when they're running up to you screaming "Daddy's Home" and jump up and give you a huge hug...

  • Eating dessert before dinner because you're an adult!

  • Holding my daughter!...or when she sees me she runs to me and jumps into my arms lol!

  • I love the way just one smile from one of my boys can make the whole day better, no matter how bad it's been. Even if it's because of them!

  • Everything.

  • I have a 4 year old son... It's basically like having a small version of yourself who is your absolute best mate. You're also his hero, he laughs at your jokes, and you've shagged his mum.

  • Coming home and hearing him say "I missed you daddy" Always can make me smile no matter how bad my day is at work.

  • Receiving unconditional love and outside-the-box thinking!

  • That happy look and excited tone of voice when they wake and they see you looking over them. It's like my favorite moment of the day!

  • Those little smiles.

  • Walking I'm from work as she speed crawls to me!

  • When they sleep on your chest and feel how hard you hear beats for them! 😍

  • Coming home to a smiling running little girl coming at me cause she happy to see dad!

  • The moments you get to be the hero.

  • Knowing I'm doing my part to put positivity back into our society!

  • The moments when you least expect it they know your not okay and say, "Daddy I love you!"

  • The anticipation of seeing their little faces soon as possible.....smelling them for the first time in the day!

  • Giving love and being loved.

  • heir smile, to see them trying new things, to see them conquer their fears, to kiss them uncontrollably, to watch them learn everyday, to spend all day with them, every day.

  • Coming home & hearing my little girl say "I missed you daddy'' Walking I'm from work as she speed crawls to me. Always can make me smile no matter how bad my day is at work.

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